The Earth Kin

Hi! This is my new story. It is with those names. Hope you like it! Bye! (Oh, yah. And Mossflower is from “Story Of Bluepath.” Graypaw’s sister, Mosspaw.)
Chapter 1: The Story of Leafkit
She was only a couple moons old. Her mother, Mossflower, was very proud to have five healthy kits-Leafkit, Twigkit, Sagekit, Tulipkit and Rockkit. She loved Sagekit the most. She was kind, graceful, delicate, and the most beautiful. But Leafkit thought that having most of these things would never make a warrior. She kept those thoughts to herself. Twigkit was certainly the strongest, Tulipkit the smartest, and Rockkit the clumsiest. He was named Rockkit because his paws were huge, making him clumsy. Leafkit thought of herself the bravest, but her mother said that’s because she is playful, making her out going. But when Leafkit attempted to swim across the great lake-that was not playful. If it wasn’t for dumb old Sagekit, she would have done it. And when she wanted to climb the Great Rock, Sagekit ruined that, too. She just HAD to tell mother everything Leafkit did. But oh, well. Once she was Leafpaw, she would show her how to be a TRUE warrior. But when she was six moons old, and made an apprentice, she had a dream from StarClan. A warrior, named Greeneye, who was deceased, and wise, told the now Leafpaw that she wasn’t meant to be a warrior. Leafpaw asked what she meant, but Greeneye only said, “Five kits in AirClan, shall have different positions, and will rule the clan and many others.” Leafpaw wished she knew what it meant. But if it was FIVE kits, it could mean her and her kin. Although she had said kits, not apprentices. But what if the prophecy was made when they WERE kits? Leafpaw was very excited. But the next morning, when she woke up, she asked her mom if there was a prophecy about her and her siblings. Her mother looked nervous. “Is there? Did StarClan tell you one? Did they?” she sounded anxious. Seeing her mother like this scared Leafpaw. So she ran off to her brother, Twigkit. 
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