Vacation, Vacation

Vacation complete. Jack, the president has taken 3
essential and emergency hols. last counting.
I believe I am entitled to one.
Are you competing with  Barack?
It's my determined effort to pursue my long awaited vacation.
Jo, ur reading his lines. I realize you both have copies of a
transcript kindly adhere to ur own.He's seething because some
careless Brits have decided to sabatoge his break.
I need a holiday he cried and true to his words he followed
his actions. You have to respect a man who honours his word.
Word of caution do not enter US soil until you've cleaned up ur
Accidents will happen, Jack and the problem has been fixed.

The pollution?
Or loss of profit the real priority.
You boys are mourning over the loss of OIL.
Where for art thou precious, abundant oil....????

jophene jophene
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8 Responses Jul 16, 2010

a quick response to all the queries concerning the icon it is.... the drum rolls<br />
jack do u Yanks have to make a song n dance about everything?<br />
Jo we need drama n sensationalism we thrive on it..<br />
the answer a lattttteeeee.<br />
too many TEEEEEAAAAASSSSS trust a brit <br />
at the mo we are under refurb.<br />
why?<br />
change of colour scheme.<br />
jack is feeling hurt after being called stupid twice<br />
it was only a kid jB and what do they know?<br />
Exactly i tested them n they knew little hand them a bk sometimes<br />
jack next step they have to make contact with the bk..<br />
early stages yet?<br />
as always

the revised and updated version of the<br />
mighty flood was washed away....<br />
oh i wrote some brillantly, spontan.material<br />
i knew i wanted to alter it....<br />
there must b a leak..<br />
oh, the woeful frustration...<br />
maybe i could write a story about this..

6 am early to rise and the<br />
sun was shining, chores still need attending.<br />
<br />
7 am niece arrives dressed up a little early, emergency computer use required.<br />
<br />
9 am relative phones asking what outift i'll b wearing????<br />
aaah that's a surprise, and it was!<br />
<br />
10 am 2 coffees as Jack sleepily walks in the radio playing...<br />
<br />
to be continued.........

men r so fortunate when it comes to dressing up.<br />
gal, not all men possess the finesse and they need training.<br />
jo, at least you'll have cake, Corn. can wait. It's not moving...<br />
Thanks, Jack for wrapping up the gift.<br />
Gal, they had no gift bags.<br />
All this pomp and extravagance, Jack.<br />
I have seen large weddings and they don't impress me.<br />
Part of the occasion.<br />
The best weddings r a small party of friends, it's a very private moment, Jack.<br />
Smart girl, Jo though may wld disagree.<br />
Each to their own, eh Jack.<br />
The loss of independence and freedom.<br />
sweet liberty, leaves.<br />
jack, u can have as much independ. as u wish.<br />
i am thankful, gal as u 2 need space.<br />
2 of a kind, with a similar mind and understanding...<br />
Jack becoming sentimental u hopeless romantic.<br />
gal, that's ur field which i cld never intrude.<br />
head in the clouds, jo?<br />
head in the stars, Jack?<br />
<br />
we are!!<br />
<br />
eARLY TO RISE, JO??????<br />

Yanks have to take things in perspective, Jack.<br />
Remember that special friendhsip we developed.<br />
Ah, yes u help us and we help u philsophy.<br />
Not exactly we also convince others to assist u.<br />

face-to-face encounter when DC sees DC.<br />
A fuming pres. and BP out in the deep sea...<br />
somewhere near the Gulf of Mexico...<br />
<br />
George says we have no coffers..<br />
btw our earlier chat was much more cosy Barack, <br />
sorry we were caught out on mic. but remember the good times.<br />
Ah, u guys the pres. smiles have you had that break he says<br />
quietly, things must be rough 4 u out in the sea, David.<br />
We Brits take it on the chin, can u give us more time Bar. I<br />
need an emergency break. Been stressed and what with<br />
the.....<br />
Hmmm...get the guys to c it's sorted, meanwhile can i suggest...<br />
Yes, <br />
B. hands a relieved David a few hol. brochures they both smile<br />

oil spill kits shld come in handy, Google seems to have got the message.<br />
there always convenient for selling...<br />
many a fool has been parted with his oil spill kit, JO.<br />
<br />
Jack that line is cracking.

never mind jack it's only oil.<br />
i wish the pres. cld share ur philsop. viewpt. <br />
u can't please everyone.<br />
true gal.<br />
money money ....Abba<br />
he won't find it amusing.<br />
how do u know his personal responses , Jack?<br />
line pay attention to ur script his response is in red.<br />
<br />
although it has now changed to amber....<br />
<br />
Jack, I am taking a respite.<br />
see i am reading my own lines.<br />
he looks at her amazed.....<br />
fine i'm improvising.