The Proposal: Daisy, Daisy??????

BOY MEETS CRAZY GIRL? (Phew, Jack you've avoided the contrite rhyming scheme!)
(You can still sing along he hums..).


Jack, do you still have that tandem??
It's new as ever...
Give me a bell, Jo. 
SOMETHING, QUITE EXTRAORDINARY. Incidentally several occurrences today, coincidence????

Jack I'm glad you dropped the idea of a carriage.
 How else can we  stay trim.? What happened to our renewed pledge for a healthier life.
You see Jo, that couple knew five a day and exercise was important.
Ah, yes and many mocked them for their paucity. We drivers just lay back opting for
a quick, steady route and this led to CONGESTION< POLLUTION AND AN UNHEALTHY NATION>..
Care to mention it at the G8 Summit, Jack?

Forget the traditional going down on one knee unless ur tieing ur shoe laces. It may
seem romantic but it's predicatable, on yer saddle and look straight into the girl's
eyes. With sincere, heart and committment go forth with ur proposal. Please, guys
don't learn passages or quotes or be witty ur not a comedian, for the first time in ur
own words (without referring to Google, trust your powers of communication.)





jophene jophene
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12 Responses Aug 3, 2010

blair ready to exercise those fingers hectic schedu.planned<br />
bk signing... the work never ends he jokes<br />
Hmmm.. PM at home struggling, Why is everything becoming a<br />
competition I have to win. he sighs sits down, crying in the distance<br />
The joys of fatherhood begin when you lift that tiny bundle inur<br />
arms.. oh dear typing error ..must b stress.<br />
Darlin..the baby...i'm going...<br />
aah now can u help daddy?<br />
u clever girl...<br />
<br />
jack i wrote an amusing story on this topic..understood PM's probs.<br />
y r u holding baby?<br />
typing errooooors?<br />
n intention. ones<br />
i read it did Tony?<br />
yes i sent him my comments...<br />
another eyebrow raising read <br />
<br />
r u still reading bar's fiction, Jack<br />
mmmmm....actually this one is by michel.<br />
ready in ur element to praise the first lady<br />
n not the only lady...<br />
she's remarkable confident intelligent loving<br />
jack u forgot the lifelong companion r u forgetting those<br />
speeches<br />
a brillant woman<br />
jack have you joined i intend to praise mich. ob. day today<br />
that's already in just a comment.<br />
severe though jo n not my type.<br />
ur right all that fame the jack where r u going now, r u listening to me?<br />
sit down ur not going anywhere...<br />
but but but...<br />
stop stammering jack u buffoon.<br />
at this point i wld mildly walk to the door..<br />
perhaps in ur thoughts<br />
i can b strong i'd leave quietly... she shouting behind me to fetch the milk..<br />
phew! great n wonderful escape n i only came to see Bar...

jack please nb. ur flu jab n no complaining<br />
the fall jo still warrrrrm for myself<br />
funny..for a yank ur still scared of needles<br />
what about u jo? oh jack my arm aches<br />
don't worry jack i'll hold ur hand..<br />
will u hold my arm as well....<br />
when the pain beomes severe with my spare arm<br />
put ur arm in mine jack<br />
jo have u been to sentimen. city again..??<br />
sort this box out ...SOS<br />
in time jack the clock ticks...<br />
it's GMT ur way behind....<br />
we yanks have catching up to do...strange situation for us.

becoming a coffee shop now she looks up at the lattes...<br />
a coffee house jo.<br />
thanks 4 the full.<br />
jack i believe i can amuse myself sometimes<br />
not to mention tire others but hey the entertainment industry is concerned this cld catch on.. <br />
woman finds herself highly entertained?<br />
jim one 4 u i know ur tapping away in frustration.<br />
jack, i've had a wonderful hol. and we now have the whole house to ourselves.. the boy is<br />
off to uni soon.<br />
congratulations jim u finally had ur dream come true great patience..<br />
only 16yrs wait.. but that boy needs some finan. sense in his head..he'll b broke soon<br />
u know dad how expensive a social life is....<br />
kids and he's the biggest kid..not like my days when u worked did errands for free..<br />
they did exist jack n we're still young<br />
tell a kid after 25 ur ancient<br />
<br />
sept. jim end of summer heartbreaking<br />
jo it's still warm back home and i'll come down to see u guys soon<br />
<br />
<br />
the battle of the books<br />
<br />
round 1 blair pushes forward to deal a blow<br />
at his oppon...<br />
round 2 we've heard it all before<br />
round 3 they need the cash<br />
round 4 perfect timing<br />
round 5 the world in suspense??<br />
round 6 reading the blurb helps sell bks that n a quick extract in the papers<br />
round 7 cam emerges with the joys of fatherhood a dad's guide<br />
round 8 political genre ==== christmas sales n careers revitalised<br />
round 9 more memoirs 4 the vorac. reader

a big hi to jim who returned from his hols this weekend slightly tanned and<br />
run off my feet...another panic monday, jim?<br />
would have been<br />
Tuesday, Jo i had a splendid time and thanks for ur story i'll investigate it<br />
ed shld be happy.<br />
always is when jim works ha!<br />
jim is a workah. so please u young guys turn up on time..<br />
btw jim how did ur diet go no temptation<br />
plenty no wonder we're big...apart from the odd hotdog my BP is fine <br />
jim this girl says oh all that salty food n jack the size of ur plates and ur mouths<br />
lol..<br />
we prepared the worst meal so u missed nothing...<br />
i know how king alfred felt..<br />
hey jo he never cooked those cakes<br />
better meals today plus we played a ridculous game..<br />
scrabble?<br />
improvise a scene n character of ur choice?<br />
never heard of it jack<br />
acting JIM<br />
a one man show<br />
hey i'm all ready to help this boy jack i've written to various dept.<br />
let it go JIM<br />
Hey i'm a fighter<br />
fight for justice jim<br />
u 2 r crazy as one another<br />
no jack Setherby is insane<br />
y taint their reputation<br />
jack r u working for Sethe. Pol while constant companion to Bar. and Bo.<br />
Never heard a peep out of the old fellow.<br />
ur humour

i know how Alfred felt when he burnt the cakes...<br />
cooking was unappealing to him as well<br />
Jack uses term casually i'm having a few friends round informed at the last moment.<br />
Define few Jack? 4, 5,etc.<br />
Some are sleeping over and I'm exxxhauuussstteeed<br />
Jo u fret too much just relax..and by the way this box needs organising....<br />
finally everyone is unwinding. The dishes they can wait.<br />
aaah the aroma of a pipe is strong must find my briar pipe.<br />
oh jack i've yet to type a reply to this story....<br />
But we've be interrupted with remin. of school life....<br />
Jack ur desks were tiny, now we did luxurious deep, desks..<br />
where did u Yanks go wrong?<br />
astonished and we did big, immense must have a word with the educt. dept.<br />
aw ur mom still stores ur old school reports..<br />
i wish she'd dejunk. she likes history and her devoted son.<br />
Have u written to her yet? Please no puns..<br />
jack signed n sealed<br />
last night we had a wonderful moon, said hello to the man.<br />
the chap waving a flag saying i'm first and wearing come n get ur man on the moon.<br />
u recognized as well, Jack...<br />
<br />
jack, I've got the counting boys on the case now.<br />
Who?<br />
Gentleman wave from an office. They worked for DCam. on the figures...and still fell short but they were honourable an were rewarded to assist the Aussies. They declined but gave<br />
Brown's speech instead.<br />
<br />
That boy is a menace , avoiding school n creating political turmoil<br />
ur simply supporting his absurd antics<br />
jack that boy is a deep, philosopher n sensitve siding for truth n justice...<br />
he's spent too many solitary hrs at that lake<br />
he has a wider understanding than most men<br />
ummmmm.....could be our next pres?<br />
Half-American...all American hero<br />
save the story for Jim he needs one<br />
<br />
<br />
<br />

back to school ..the rush, the goodbye to hols sweet when they lasted<br />
but b. as usual.<br />
i used to loathe the night before or the days getting nearer and closer<br />
to the fall..<br />
jo u left school for quite a need to pack the school uniform etc.<br />
dreaded Sept.Jack?<br />
only for u it was<br />
<br />
Jack's theory<br />
A Yank perspect. : That missing boy shld b alerted quickly to stop dawdling n<br />
creating a nuisance for the Seth. Pol.<br />
Message from mum open ur GCSE's darling..<br />
<br />
Trust u to side with fellow Yanks, only because he's a brit

what happened to Official Thurs? Apart from sharing the same letter of the day T traditional Thurs<br />
had been replaced for the first time ...<br />
Times r a changing... Exam results were always opened on this political n historic day.<br />
must write a story.... <br />
I love tradition but can adjust to change....?????<br />
declutttttteerrinnnng is a slow process always award yourself treats<br />
disappointing Jo<br />
oh man of stamina and disapproval at my perfomance ...these boxes have<br />
been crammed sorted n disappeared<br />
dejunked?<br />
debatable<br />
discuss later<br />
they both smile<br />
jack i'm delighted u tidied up and did the gardening<br />
not many men wld be seen doing dishes although times n attitudes have changed esp.<br />
my father <br />
before u launch into the d's remember the c's<br />
cornwall Cameron, Caes. n addition to the family<br />
it's a girl named....................????????<br />
Cammy? Camford? <br />
a boy wld have been Camelot><br />
life as a father the early years...... written by David C.<br />
He's bashing away to get that bk out before xmas<br />
Another collection to his literary efforts ..<br />
preview the joys of fatherhood are one to be relished n treasured child. grow up so<br />
quickly that my time is spent in politics or at home with the family, and i'm loving<br />
every moment.....written by D>C<br />
A taster?<br />
A simple, family man<br />
No one is simple<br />
A traditional family man<br />
btw the writer is under no obligat. to type using punctation etc. this is a jotting pad<br />
^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!<br />
cornwall it is because of the letter accordingly acting with cool calm.<br />
ep city it travels which has been refurbished...<br />
<br />
the boy still missing will be found u can COUNT on that<br />
Sether Pol. have yet to comment unable to provide<br />
a convincing account, and search for the c's ...<br />
cooperation needed?

oh dear 2 days caff. free.. but i have to get him back<br />
who and aren't u indulging in some delightful decluttering<br />
the fisher boy from EP. i think he's being held hostage.<br />
of course they'll cover up with a ridicul. story<br />
still missing?<br />
but not from my thoughts.<br />
they've handed a nonse. declaration from the Fed. Courts under the US<br />
laws...<br />
claiming he was a figament of my imagination.<br />
he existed Jack.<br />
find him.<br />
back to setherby county.<br />
jb my fingers hurt<br />
think of the pain of this young man, and not ur own minor ailments..<br />
he willllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllll<br />
reeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeetttttttttttuuuuurrrrrrrrrnnnnnnn<br />
yelling<br />
they r asleeeeeeeeeeep Jooooooooooooooooooooo

gosh that coffee looks tempting..<br />
it's urs jack...<br />
she hands him the glass mmmmm.....

hooray holiday! <br />
jack get those Yanks here to assist me

jack let me update u news of that horse...he retired later.<br />
out to pasture?<br />
no and coming straight from the horse's mouth he quit.<br />
lack of stamina?<br />
he strode away...ah, ur thinking foolish creature.<br />
A yank's horse wld have been proud of his achiev. etc.etc.<br />
the story, JO?<br />
he felt exploited by humans.<br />
now horses enjoy a good gallop, feeble excuse. man and horse work together..<br />
such emotions Jack calm down.<br />
now this horse looked at the fences and each yr they were rising. he also<br />
eyed the bookies no horse lovers and the saw the punter who cld never win..<br />
were not in the money market leave us alone they cried,<br />
all they need is grass to graze, the dollars didn't make them rich, their<br />
love for gentle trotting was diminished and then they fought back.<br />
<br />
fed up of being whipped?<br />
tired of jumping ridiculous fences...

jack ur right those words may stumble stammer but as long as u<br />
stand by them save the flowery rhteroic 4 later...<br />
girls r impressed by hearing ur voice and ur words please don't bore them....<br />
what was it u said she yawns.<br />
what? the man pales..