It's My Party, Chicago, Washington, Friends And Dear, Bo! Obama States

A private party took place, after the extravagant
and gaudy displays, and cringeworthy renditions
of h'b'day.No more I can't take much more, cried
a frustrated Bar. to himself .
Of late he's been suffering from bouts of paranoia,
Ron, are you plotting against me? he demands.
The men at the House have assured the pres. of
their unswerving loyalty, taken immeasurable oaths
and pledges and reiterated the same message
throughout their talks tirelessly.Guys, he knows
how to wear a man down, he's been bugging me
all day, they look at a familiar face dressed in
overalls. Remember that leak guys, it's been
mended just a loose washer.
But..Ron stops.
Hey, this was the second leak he breaks in.
Oh, they all sigh.
A room has been decorated with buntings and
boxes of unopened cards.
A bespectaled  man is writing quickly and
sealing thank you replies. One of the perks of
this job is that i get to open the cards first.


jophene jophene
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1 Response Aug 5, 2010

hi guys say hello Bo he barks.<br />
the gentleman warmly greet both pres. and his canine companion.<br />
cake arrives with 49 candles all lit up.<br />
go on Bar. blow he smiles after a tough day of trying to please the public, he can relax.<br />
the pres smiles no problem but can Bo join.<br />
sure lets all have some fun.<br />
.1o candles have been blown out.<br />
come on guys i'm no spring chicken, r u just going to stand there huff<br />
and puff...<br />