The Man And Driver

Along a dark dreary road  drives a truck with quite a load
It breaks down near a house that's very very old
So out of the overload truck gets the driver
Who thinks that old place gives me the shivers
But I'm all alone and maybe the place has a phone
So He walks towards the old looking home
He trips over a bone and sees a headstone
It says  Here I rest in peace all alone
He gets up gets to the old house
He spots a dark scarey looking mouse
He counts to four then knocks on the door
A Man opens with a back that's sore
Cautiously opens the heavy door
The driver asks  do you have a phone
No Sorry I don't  I'm alone
Come in and rest for the night
The driver goes in and says alright
What is this place as the driver
The man says I'm the caretaker
And this old place is a Cemetary
Here's where you may sleep tonight
The driver say  all right good night
The driver says  his name to the driver
Edwards  I'm a mystery writer
Edwards  goes to  bed
He turns tosses his head
Then he turns out the light
Something crawls that night
It creeps about and does bite
Edward  sees  that night
A mouse did the bite
His toe seems to be all right
He sleeps during the night
He wakes up in the morn
And sees his foot is swollen
He told the care taker of the bite
Who said you could've told me
I'll call the doctor for you
For I don't know what to do.

to be continued.

aquarius3 aquarius3
May 7, 2012