Man And Driver Part 2

The doctor arrives at the Cemetary
And  Says  I'm Doc Harry
He looks at the drivers  feet
And thinks while taking a seat
Your feet are really blue
You'll have to stay a day or two
Well here's some pills
This place gives me the chills
Oh by the way do you know
Halloween is  tomorrow
Strange things happen here
On that day I really fear
Call me if it's necessary
Now leaves doc harry
Edwards in morning awakes
And mutters for pet sakes
Now at a cemetary
On Halloween I better be weary
Suddenly sounds that are scary
Are heard from below
And there's a mysterious glow
Caretaker in the know
it's just the spirits below
Welcoming in the day
They get to have their way
Knock Knock Knock
On the door with no lock
In comes creatures galore
You know what they are looking for?

to be continued
aquarius3 aquarius3
May 13, 2012