No More "having His Cake And Eating It Too"

I have been seeing a married man for well over 13 years. We was seeing each other before this, when he was engaged. Now in order for us to see each other, we had to hide or not be seen in certain areas. Been doing this for years and been promised that we would be together for years. When I refuse to do this anymore, he feels that I do not love him enough to keep hiding just to spend time with him. Now he has excuses why we are not together and that he is still waiting to see if I am the one he wants to be with. He even indicated that I do not value his feelings and feel that I need to let him know what is going on in my life or consult with him first. He feels that I only want finances from him. I have a good job. If I fall behind on a bill or need gas for my car, yes I would ask but pay back what I borrow. I have watched my years go by with false promises and excuses as to why we are not together. He indicated that he did not want to make the same mistake again. However, he is still married and has no children keeping him there. He says he is not happy there but he is still living there. You don’t live where you are not happy. I ended what I thought was a relationship. He needs to get over himself and realize that he is no different than any other man who is “having his cake and eating it too”. if he wasn’t happy in his current situation, he would have divorced. The only thing I did wrong was wasted years in a relationship where I did not belong. I believe this person has a psychotic personality that he wants to believe that what he is doing is right and when I disagree, I am not the one. Abby, I really believe this person refuse to see that his behavior is out of control. What do you think?
Not wasting any more years with this character - Florida
vivvian16 vivvian16
1 Response Nov 27, 2012

You already said it, Why m i wasting my time, a married man still living with his wife and you been seeing him over 13 years, I belive if he has not left his wife for you then it wont happen, he's leading you on, Go find you a good man unmarried and get a life