Its Like A Stab In My Heart!

ok my son who is 46 years. and has always been mean to me, he calls me simple and retard! wel my husband and i have always hgelped him, in whatever he needs help with!
well on july 8 we had a big cookout for him, cause he provides drummers for the boilmaker. so we mad about 30 burgers, wrapped about 30 ears of corn in foil. well he deceides to take his stiudents to a pizza place instead, ok we didnt like that. well we were sitting at the table, and i whispered to this one friend of hi.. do u know???? she said yes, and i whispered I can't stand him ( and i have reasons too) well he got all bent out of shaped, left after sweraring. I havent seen him since. wel he calls my 2 sisters and they allow him ( even though they know how much it hurts me, and how cruel he is to me ) to come and visit them. do u think this is right???? =he caLSS THEM SIMPLE AND RETARDED! PLEASE PLEASE HELP ME!!!
dreamstarship dreamstarship
Jan 8, 2013