Can'T Get Over A Story You Post Three Years Ago

In 2009 I want to say around summer time, you posted a letter from a lady in Cheyenne, Wyoming. Asking if she should notifiy her lovers wife about them! How strange I have suppected that my husband had been cheating on me through out our marriage (at that time13 years). Well on October 28,2009 I had a patient that didn't know when to shut up. I work in the heathcare sitting and she just kept talking and I just kept asking the right? maybe wrong quetions. I can not say alot about this as it would a hippa vilation and I could get fired. Anyhow I will tell the whole story but if you pubilsh my story would you leave this part out???? At the time of this affair we were going through marrige counsling through our chruch!!!! I tell all my patients that if they get out of the shower before I get back and make their beds if they would sit in the chair. Well no one knows how to put on a hospital gown without help. On this day this lady that I was taking care of looked up at me and said" this is the time I miss my plumber!" I took a step back and looked at her and said "what does this have to do with you and your plumber?" She said he comes over for more than my sewer line! I say really Who does he work for and she told me the company B &B Sewer (which is the company that my husband works for). I said really!!! What is his name? She replies BILL! Man my heart went into my throat and I kept my cool and just let her go on. Cool I say. So when was the last time you saw him I ask? She says June or July. The first thought that came to my mind was "That ******* was sleeping with this brod on my ann., and my birthday! Mind you at that time of that year we were on vacation in yellowstone. So no wonder he didn't go see her he was with me. So the story goes on and on and on. Finally I had enough and asked her "DID HE EVER TELL YOU HE HAD A WIFE? " She said No. I said well I'm his WIFE of 13 years.
I really think that letter was ment for me but you know there are so many cheating husbands out there its not funny.
I've wanted to write you and let you know about how that letter hit home. Yes we are still together and no it has not changed! I know what I need to do, but I said some very important words 16 years ago and I ment them!!! I take you for better, worse, Sickness and health, til Death do us part, not mary, jane, or sue or tom, ****, or harry!!! I have also told him this as well. I have also asked for a divorce and all he can say is we will talk and that never happens. We don't talk all we do is fight when we talk the only talking we do is about tv that is it. Yes we share the same bed.
We have a daughter that we adopted and he treats her like total crap most of the time, more so when I'm home than when its just the two of them.. When I leave I want to take my truck and our camper and our daugther that is all I asked him for and that we could sell the house. He talked to his parents about this and now all of a sudden his mom is starting to ask for things that we have that were her parents and grandparents things. I don't mind giving them back as they do not belong to me. But my question is why won't he give me a divorce if all he wants to do is play? Sex does not happen in this house as I will not until he gets checked out and finds that he is clean from any STD's. I know I am clean. In Feburary of 10 I talked to my healthcare provider and she checked me and I'm Clean!!!! I don't want to live in HELL anymore. But I would like to leave on good terms not for us but for our daugther. I also know that their probaly won't be good terms for us but let me dream as I have for the last 16 years that things will change. PDR from Cheyenne,Wyoming
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Feb 8, 2013