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I Am Doing This For Me As Much As For Her

First, I must acknowledge the person who encouraged me to reach out. PRP, a core family member in my circle here, and I  had a long discussion about initiating contact with inmates. Many hours and research went into this. While he forged ahead, and gave me updates as to the progress of it all, I procrastinated. I was distracted with the daily grind of life family and the occasional EP drama.
I am so very delighted to say that as of today, I am a pen pal to a woman in Idaho. Her circumstances and lessons faced are so similar to my sister, that I felt compelled to reach out.
I will wait with anticipation to get a reply from her, much like that of a child on the night before Christmas. I am hopeful that in beginning this friendship with her, it will lead to others.

Thank you so very much, my dear brother, for helping me realize that people are people, no matter where you may find them.  
angelwings626 angelwings626 46-50, F 6 Responses Jun 29, 2010

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Thanks. My pen pal is at Attica in New York. He is been in prison for way to long. 13 years. Time to come out now, no matter what people think.I send him 2 soap bars from usa all though i live in Denmark. Now he has more money for stamps . 3 44 p for Denmark. He might have others he want to respond to as well. All his pen pals are from outside usa. Is that interesting.

hugs to you for sharing this, and for reaching out to him. Compassion is severely lacking in today's society. Seems to me, if the majority of your community is struggling, that would be the BEST time to give of yourself, and inspire others to do the same. x

I did the same.When i saw his face i knew i wanted to write to him. so i did and ask if he wanted to be my pen pal. finaly after several months i got a letter from him.But he has a hard time affording writing back and forth between usa and Denmark. So i wrote back and told him. Write when you can, i write to you, so you have something to read. he is in the hole at Attica. Hope he comes out soon. he has dne his time and that must be enough now.<br />
i did send him 2 soapbars, hope he is allowed to receive them. He says sthe soap is terible there.<br />
<br />
Have a great day

there are many on line sites. the one i chose was<br />
you can make the age, gender, even location/state. K used another that has the name 'paperdolls' in it. Ask him, I'm sure he'd be only too happy to get you started if you really would like to do this.<br />
love you, my 'lil one! Let me know what you decide, hun! xxoo T~

that is wonderful. I'd Love to do something like that. xxx

At least now when you call to say 'I have an update', I might be also telling you the same! *hugs n kisses n love*, xxoo T~