So you'll complain about the rising cost of prisons and housing prisoners, you'll complain about them having access to internet and penpals. You'll say they should never be allowed outside the 4 walls yet somehow when they are on the third, fourth or even sixth prison term - you can't figure out why they are not bettering themselves. Well let's take a look at the situation. Isolation just breeds a host of problems from aggression to a lack of communication. In fact you could say it leads to a reverting back to more animal based instincts rather than human ones. You are not seriously wanting to fix the problem, you'd rather ***** and moan day in and day out about the cost to your pocket or the moral outrage. Guess what, if you welcome to punished with open arms and a non judgmental attitude; I can all but gaurantee that you will have a more position rehabilitation of said felon in society rather than a host of people returning to lives of crime and violence. Man up, step up and admit you are a paranoid delusion SOB who considers himself or herself above the rest of humanity and when you get struck down or you get arrested for a DUI or some other silly crime that hurts people. I will be sitting in front of this computer, laughing until the tears stream down my cheeks and I can barely breathe due to my ribs killing me from a series of powerful guffaws. 

Join the fight to keep people's constitutional rights, yes that includes prisoners from being trampled.

Before I get too much harsh commentary on this, I should explain that I came across a thoughtless article online that was written by a man who had the dimwitted view that prisoners should be all but banned from contact with the outside world period and was therefore complaining about the costs already  of housing inmates. This story was an attack on that.
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Jul 22, 2010