Pen Pals

I used to write to inmates when I was younger...but not for very long. Then after my divorce and everything....I decided to start writing to them again. I figure that they would make better pen pals than most, since they would have time to write and also thought it would be cool to be there for someone. I don't write to rapists or child molesters. I have made a few good friends...but I find it hard to find the time and energy to write more these days. Any way, if you decide to do have to be careful. There are ones who ARE sincere and cool people that just make a mistake that is costing them big time. But there are others who will use you for whatever they can is the main one. DON'T send them any money. They will just keep asking for more. Some will sweet talk you for awhile and then ask for money, which sucks even more, because by then,. you probably care about them. Most, if not all, are "street smart." So if you're not (which I'm not), it may be hard to understand some of what they have gone through. I haven't given any of them my physical address. I use a PO Box. Also, be prepared for when they get out...if they do. Most likely, you might hear from them once or twice more after they are out and then that's it. Be prepared for that. We are mostly helping them to "pass the time" while they're in prison and once they're out, they don't need us anymore.
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I wrote to one who basically wants sex photos n sexting ..pathetic have to be careful...they are master manipulators as well. If that's all he wants...I would stop writing to him...just my opinion.:)

Thanks for the advice