Once upon a young Sylph...

She has always been fascinated in reading and writing. She remembers books of long ago where instead of turning a page in the book, she adds another page to it, lengthwise, widthwise, as long as it stays on that page. Gluing, taping, stapling... And she continues the story... a story of her own. Most of the time, of her imagination. Sometimes, of her own life, her dreams, her wishes.

Soon after, the wicked vixen saw what she has done to the books. The vixen made her tear off all those extra pages, making sure that it does not damage the books. She said, how can Sylph's brothers use those books after her, now that she has destroyed them?

Sylph pondered on the vixen's words for a long time. She wonders how the vixen accused her of destroying... wherein fact, Sylph is actually creating.

To this day, Sylph continues to think of that day when she was caught with those "edited" books. It makes her think that this could be the reason of her voraciousness over these volumes of knowledge and pleasure... acquiring them, amassing them.

She waits for the day when she can continue what was ceased.
She can continue what was taken.
She can continue creating.

Sylphy Sylphy
41-45, F
6 Responses May 3, 2011

*bows to Master Ford* thank you! ... yeah... shame on the vixen... tsk tsk *faerie takes out wand*<br />
<br />
Bluebie... I felt the same way on LotR trilogy... and the HP books... I really didn't want to read the last books... because I know it'll be the end... no more Lord of the Rings... no more Harry...<br />
At least with Nora Roberts, she can still write more books... may not be the same as the one you really liked... but you can hope for more.<br />
And to continue her stories... *tickles Bluebie*... aren't they romance novels? I have to get ideas from other epeeps... *giggles*

Yes, but I want the story to go on! I will slow down when I get to the end of a good book so that it isn't over as quickly. Especially Nora Roberts books. So, if you can carry on the story for me, it would be greatly appreciated girlfriend.

I love the Faerie's creativity...shame on the vixen for ever stifling that!!!

Oh Bluebie... I understand how books can do that. We cling. Lol... but the nice thing about books is that we can always reread them when we miss them. *hugs*<br />
<br />
<br />
*faerie goes, Go Go Go for Queenie*... I know that now. I guess even before. I just sort of remembered when I saw this group. And I was trying to understand myself why I have all these words just pouring... especially lately... hmmm... ;p

Hugs Sylph. You can continue books for me anytime, as I always feel I am losing a friend when I get to the end of a good one.

Thank you, Princess... that is just sweet of you to say.<br />
I hope so... not much of a storyteller if the faerie is unable to take you all to different places. *hugs*