have i lost my eyes
please ring it for me
now 'em lost like other blind flies
so please,...'em even ready to pay a heavy fee

the glory, the miracle
omg, cant see!
this darkness is like shackles
left with just the memory of thee

blurr has become my existence
cuz of from u, an infinite distance
aches each part of my soul
sores had make me an empty hole

every regret is like a reminder
for u, would i ever find a finder?
wont give up though
with all my heart and soul

a drag though life is, without thee
give me an energy drink
or else i'll dissolve, or flee
oh the fear, my soul has shrink

my head has spun to dormancy
it bears no dreams, neither palin nor fancy
Sanika101 Sanika101
22-25, F
May 18, 2013