No Satisfaction.

My tale of frustration and anxiety started Sunday night. After being in my small apartment for a good bit, I decided I'd get my bike out for a ride to enjoy the evening air! I went down into the basement to get my ride, and as I tried to ride it the bike was not performing properly! I've had this bike for months, so I know quite well how she ought to run. After trying to do something for awhile, I finally got off to survey what the trouble was! It appears, in my honest estimation, that someone in the apartment building has sabotaged my good ol' heavy mountain bike! This came at an unfortunate time as I didn't and still don't have money for a bus pass, so at least riding one way I could save a little and pay once. My other bike has needed some work done on her, so that's why I've leaned on my other one. So now that one's messed up. I can't pay to have it fixed, and a friend tried but could not. My kind friend did fix up my other bike, but I still miss riding my other one. So I was going to go to a thrift shop and maybe find another to hold me through the rest of the bike riding season. I didn't find one, but some other scalawag found an awesome Trek mountain bike that I wish to GOD I would've found. It's a good and more expensive bike, and it was a better brand than my now defunct one. That absolutely Ticked me off! I've had crap like that numerous times there and other thrift stores. Once a guy found a Cannondale bike! Like dag! That's better than the Trek! From Sunday night to now this Wednesday afternoon, frustrations galore have been taking place. I cannot get full comfort or encouragement over it, though I have had some... until it was reawakened yesterday and today! God Almighty! This seems like it'll be a week of frustrations, and a friend called me to let me know her brother past. Now I need to find a friend with a truck soon to get some of my items from her garage! Just great! I just don't get it. Hold on for one more day!
SirHunter7 SirHunter7
51-55, M
Sep 12, 2012