Dear Future Self

Dear future me,

Lately I’ve been feeling out of place, lost, not knowing what to do. If I only knew what will take for me to be where you are now. Are you happy? Did I do anything wrong? Did you get everything you’ve ever wanted?

I wish you could tell me, reasure me, that things will change.... that one day I will wake up and stop feeling this way, that one day I will wake up and feel happy once again. Our best friend insists I'm depressed... but I still laugh some times, well... yes, I've been crying almost everyday the whole day, but I still smile and laugh. I'm just overwhelmed by an unexplicable sadness.

One day I will get where you are now my dearest self, and that day I will look back and finally everything will make sense.

Until then....
Love always,
LostChild86 LostChild86
26-30, F
Dec 8, 2012