When someone posts something like this, and gets negative responses from their children, how can they blame someone else? If the same "mistake" is made over and over, then isn't it YOUR fault and no one else's? Its true that if you keep making the same one over and over its no longer a mistake. It has become the way you are. To keep blaming others for YOUR mistakes, why go after them? I think its time for someone to stand up and take this karma and live with it.. To keep lying and misleading your family about things isn't helping.
Just an FYI. If you dont like the truth, then maybe you should stop coming to my page and reading my stories. Theres NO ONE to blame but yourself for your past. STOP BLAMING ME!!!!! The cops have told you to STOP BOTHERING ME haven't they? 
Grizzly007 Grizzly007
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1 Response Nov 27, 2012

Sounds like some misunderstandings have happened and not enough communication.

There was plenty of communication. She was a user and an abuser. Her family is sacked and I'm glad to be rid of her.