Get A Life And Grow Up

I think that when a 50 year old woman acts like a teenager, its ridiculous. Mind you, there are some things that they can do and feel young again. To tell lies so people will like you more then them aren't one of them. Nor is making prank calls. When those lies create a legal problem it makes it worse. Now Mmmmme has just that problem. She went as far as to tell the police in Illinois I'm a drug dealer and her "boyfriend" told them i stole from "his" house. Both lies. The police also told them this teenager game they are playing is to end. Just as he told me I was to have NO contact with her or her family, he also told them that. However, seeing how she is now using a different nic in here and coming and reading my stories, she gets mad and does something very stupid. Like calling me last night. Not once but twice. If I'm such a "bad man" as you told the police, then why call my house after you've changed your cell number. By the way, this is the second time they've done this. Changed their number only to be MORONS and call me again. These two need professional help in the worse way. It's not bad enough she is being charged with identity theft for stealing money off my debit card, they have to play this stupid game.
so when you read this Mmmmme, don't be stupid and call me or my family like you have. Instead, maybe you should try and patch things up with your daughters whom are so mad at you for lying to them the last 2 1/2 years, they even told you they don't know who you are anymore. It's NOT my fault they won't let you have the grandkids. THATS YOUR FAULT!! I didn't lie to them. YOU DID!!! How many times do the police have to be called? How many times do they have to call you? so far, three times. How many more? Guys and gals, beware these two. They REALLY have a screw loose and i don't see a screwdriver in their future tightening it any time soon!!!!
Grizzly007 Grizzly007
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U need peace and hope u find it

so much drama!! wow you need a little peace and i hope you find it soon

So do i. They are now telling lies to the police here where i live. They (the police) know where i was yesterday so that kind of ruined for those two.

so sorry--- like i said drama drama --they are filling your life with it ..
good luck

thank you mommaceitta


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