Rainy Day... Lonely Heart..

I wish, that this rainy day, stormy night, will stop tearing up my lonely heart. Sitting by the fire on a plush arm chair, Remy in hand, cozy and warm, but none of that replaces the warmth you took from me when you left.

The gap, the void, created by your departure, along with our plans, future, promises, my heart, left me with too many words unsaid, a pool of tear to drown in, a broken heart too shattered to mend.

Too many regrets, too many thoughts unsaid, too many wrong things said, too many things not done. How I wish I get a second chance...

Too bad my best wasn't good enough. Will you believe me when I say, that next time, my best will be better?

Doesn't matter. Doesn't matter if I am a billionare. Doesn't matter if I look like the Freshman you loved. Nothing matters. Your love is gone. I had it in my hands, for all these years. But I let all that slipped right through my fingers.

"Ever has it been that love knows not its own depth until the hour of separation. "

I'm desparate now, but it's way past fixing now. It's over, now.

You would've loved this song. You could've played this song. We could've been together. Could'ves, Should'ves.

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Jul 15, 2010