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An ocean breathes. As each wave glides against the shore, it softens away the footprints, written by the foot of one man. His hair, streaked with gray, is also streaked with the salty residue of sea salt.... and sweat. He looks behind him and realizes he's been walking the entire night. It's daybreak and he finds he'd been walking so much for so long. His mind hardly understands how tired his body feels.

He's been running for so long.

Gazing towards the horizon, his memory takes him away. Memories of his family. The kids, once such cute little tots, rolling in the grassy knolls of Jersey, building sand castles on the Rehoboth shoreline. The sweet memories end abruptly to what they are today: a daughter dressed like a common prostitute and his son now a rock-n-roll wannabe, both smoking weed, neither possessing the innocence nor hope he once found in their chubby faces. Memories of his wife flooded his mind. Flying kites and picnics, candlelight dinners and rides on the ferris wheel. Oh how he loved this vibrant young muse. A sharp contrast to the tired and cranky woman who can pick at faults faster than she can pick weeds. Things got worse after their home got foreclosed and he had to beg for more work.... 

Depressing thought after pathetic memory bombarded his brain like A40 missiles. After all, he was only one man. How could he hold up the world with such small shoulders?

Who was I to think a family vacation at the beach was going to solve all the problems? He ridiculed at his naive solution, now that he found himself miles away from the resort.

Lamenting on how his family back at the 5 star resort could care less where he was, he dropped to his knees in the sand. The waves came crashing on his white and blue stripe pajamas. He let the ocean consume him.

"Why....???!!...."  Arms piercing the air, he let out a desperate cry to the sea, as if the last ear that would hear his tortured soul lay somewhere between the crashing waves and the rising sun. He ran farther down the beach. He shouted again and again until there was no more shout left in him. Exhausted he collapsed on the ground.

"Ouch!" His foot was bleeding from the broken and dried up starfish he had just stepped on. This is a sign, he thought. There is no purpose for me on this earth! He lay on the sand and let go of everything. His hope, his failures, his pain left his body along with the blood from his foot. The salty sea water stung his wound. Small animals began to gather around his foot. But he didnt care.

He couldnt run anymore.

As his eyes were closing, he could make out a blurry figure walking from a distance up the shoreline.  [Fade out.]

EPAngela EPAngela
31-35, F
Jul 15, 2010