Blue Dream.

I am walking through the dream in  a white medieval style dressing gown and all around me are people in this great room that seems to have no boundaries. There are tall white pillars and the floors are of sky blue marble.  There is a rectangular pool. and the water is as blue as the floors and it is lined in white marble and in the middle of this white and blue room filled all along it's invisible edges with people is a woman.

She is dressed in white robes and fair-skinned. Her hair is short, cut like a boy , tapering at the neck. She is an older woman and wears a tiara on her head. There is a man floating in the pool wearing shorts, trying to talk her into his idea for a new sort of bomb with a warhead shaped like a flourdelise. Weird, I thought. Then the woman says something and I turn to her and she says again, to me, " What is it you are doing here? What is it you want?"
I remember that she is smiling and then I wake up. Weird, huh.
theredlady theredlady
41-45, F
Jun 13, 2010