Frozen Scream

My soul screams
From the deepest, darkest depths
Of my heart.
I am unable to breathe or see
I cannot move
Frozen in my stance
Icy tears trying
To trickle down.
I am cold; Frozen
I am dead
I cannot hear the screaming
In the soul of my heart
I am
I cannot........
theredlady theredlady 41-45, F 4 Responses Oct 5, 2010

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yep and today feels better. My son called and we talked for a long time. Made a world of difference to me!

What you're doing, you know, was not ever going to be easy. Some days will feel like the poem above.

Then the storm will subside. It is life at it's best and worst you're confusing! This too shall pass.

I guess so Salar.....I am.....frustrated with my family and worried about the new addition to my life.

Bit dark Lady , you ok .....