Frozen Scream

My soul screams
From the deepest, darkest depths
Of my heart.
I am unable to breathe or see
I cannot move
Frozen in my stance
Icy tears trying
To trickle down.
I am cold; Frozen
I am dead
I cannot hear the screaming
In the soul of my heart
I am
I cannot........
theredlady theredlady
41-45, F
4 Responses Oct 5, 2010

yep and today feels better. My son called and we talked for a long time. Made a world of difference to me!

What you're doing, you know, was not ever going to be easy. Some days will feel like the poem above.<br />
Then the storm will subside. It is life at it's best and worst you're confusing! This too shall pass.

I guess so Salar.....I am.....frustrated with my family and worried about the new addition to my life.

Bit dark Lady , you ok .....