Passing Season

Your beautiful, and your hair falls down like golden rain. It's longer than mine and fine as silk with red-gold strands to make it glow. It flows like water in the morning's light of heavenly reds and gold and yellow too. It bathes your face as does the sun on earth and I am in love with the very thought of you....possessing you and making you my own. I have and did for a time. Now you're gone like a passing wind taking the autumn leaves and drivng them from the trees.

You're beautiful still. I love you even more than ever before. A past memory, a dream fulfilled. A life once lived and not forgotten. A tear streams down my eye and brings with it a gentle rain. It cleanses my heart and bleeds my soul, but it is okay. I love the rain. It reminds me of your wonderful glow. How the sun will shine again one day. I miss the sun and long for days when autumn is just a passing day that gleans a smile, a small shed tear and takes me to a sad place to remind me of another age. A memory, a past season, a blowing wind. I love you my dear..........

theredlady theredlady
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9 Responses Nov 28, 2009

Thanks CJ. I wrote this about my husband.... he was a beautiful man.

This is amazing! I love the power words have when written with emotion. Very nice lady!

Thank you, foreverheart


It was and still is SD. thank you. God Bless you as well.<br />
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HeartofHearts thank you. I am glad you like it. I will keep writing for as long as the words come to me.

the mental picture that you just painted me is awesome-- especially since autumn is my favorite time of year... please do keep writing! :)

Such a special love you had together.<br />
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God bless<br />

Thank you Sappy! :)

Such a beautiful story. I can see how far you've come too.<br />
Hugs! : )