Sitting here with my face in my hands, wiping away the dreary parts of the day. I wonder if I did my part today. Are my friends happy and safe. Did I bring some small piece to their weary minds. Did I wipe away a tear or three? I hope I did. I owe them more you see.

I have been to the very depths of me and they have pulled me free. I have slept a thousand dreams while awake and crying all night long, yet they were there and listened to me. Do I do enough for them? Am I worthy to be their friend? I wonder, I hope. I feel it's not enough, you see.... they are always there for me... and there are so many. Some I see day after day. Some I see so very rare.Others are no longer here, snuck silently away.

Do I do enough? Do I help enough.... Ahh I am too tired to tell, so sleepy yet not finised still.....

theredlady theredlady
41-45, F
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*HUGS* ;O)