Oh, Those Eyes!

 I see those eyes and my heart melts. I wish that I could. I can only imagine how it would feel to be wrapped up in you and hear your heartbeat beneath my listening ear. I wish to feel those arms holding me. I can almost feel them now. Cradling me gently, tightly, making me feel safe and warm. In my heart, I see us together. In my mind I feel us near one to the other. For now, though, it is a dream. We are close in spirit,not in ecstasy. I would drown myself into your eyes a thousand times if only to be by your side. The life that once ebbed from me, now is drawn back in for love of you. The need so great it threatens me. I hope I do not lose myself and die a lonely death.

theredlady theredlady
41-45, F
Feb 19, 2010