An exchange of glances, meaningful looks

Of  two mutual friends, sharing a nook

A giggle or two and he smiles as he looks down

She says with a smile, with a touch of a smirk


Ha!.. You can look.... ..and you may peek....... but you can't touch what you seek....

Says he with a wickedly friendly grin,


I would look ... I would peek ... And if I touched would you be that meek?

And her reply with a little slight blush

I admit that it might send a tingle that's for sure

But I'm of the thought, we should keep it pure


A reply he gives in such a quandry, he gives to her this query,


If I reached with intent to touch ... would that really bother you much?

If I touched in such a way ... would my hand get slapped away?


She answers with her prettiest smile and a gentle squeeze of her hand on his,


You might get a blush and my hand stoping yours with a light squeeze

but never a slap, just a gentle "no please"


He looks at her with his handsomest smile


Ever so slight encouragement ...  lemme see.
Says he...

If you allowed this man to feel 

His heart and head would surely reel.


To touch your skin as soft as silk

The time he took he'd surely milk


Says she to him in whispering tones

Blushing red and heated skin

This innocent game

You may just win....



He thinks and wonders should he test

Reaching, wanting to touch that breast


Its buds standing so tight and erect

He starts to bend down and give them a peck


She smack his nose and says in harsh

whispering tones....


Not in public.

He pulls back with a stare intent

And wonders if this is really meant


He holds her hand gently

And looks deep in her eyes

He prays she says yes

That would be quite the surprise

Says she with a sly little grin

Looks deep in his eyes

And leans in close to his lips....

So you see now, dear

It's time to find us an Inn.












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heheheh yes much! *giggles*....

LOLOLOLOL! I love it too!

Here De...

Salar .. Yes... an experience I had... <br />
Ersatz..... I had to go to work.... heheh<br />
Vivi... I love it too.. It's one of my new favorites.

Well written lady !!! is this based on past experiance .............

Hahaha ! I'm in a good mood! Nothing like a hot time to stir the blood and move the soul to sharing words!

Thank you! I think I may add to it... I'm thinking.. This one is fun for me! LOL

Or you might get your hand SLAPPED, ersatz!! BWahahahahah! Kidding! She promised only a light squeeze! ;) <br />
Nice ditty, lady! :D

Heheheheh..... you could try and see....

Heheh Tension, Reece? Oh no... this is a favorite past time.... fun for all who love to flirt!

HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA oh **blushes** I can feel the "tension" in the air Red

LOL! Just a little ditty... It was a mutual work..... heheheheh between friends.