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these are some words that came into my head earlier

Everything is interesting

Like a never ending story

Never ending journey

Through space and time

To recieve a perseptive from along the line

everyone loves to feel

But sometimes nothing is better

our senses are magic in the highest degree

magic n

Touch n taste

love n laughter

give praise n thanks for that you embrace

toll the bell

For all should be well

so why then

is it not
sunshinejudi sunshinejudi 46-50, F 2 Responses Mar 26, 2012

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Thankyou 4 reading and your comment i think your genoration have lived through and seen the most amazing changes in life

your right about being a traveler thru time i have traveled from the year 1939 all the way to 2012 . that is 73 years into the future, i have witnesses wars and progress in the social and scientific world. seen aviation progress form orvil and wilber to seeing man land on the moon and return. now man is beginning to explor the solar system and looking deep into the universe with space born telescopes . I keep wondering what next . what else will man attempt to do next.