More On How To Get The 101 On You

How to Gain Info Without Giving Any:

It works like this: I pm you making some comment on your status or pic. You pm me back thanking me or responding to what I said, and the conversation starts. I get you to talk about trivial things at first. I comment on something I noticed on your profile, whether it is liking jokes and riddles, bon jovi, the color purple, or something outdoors. This gets you to relate to me. I start asking you questions about your experiences. You relay stories to me about where, what, when, maybe even with whom. All of a sudden I am your best friend, and I have not said a word about me. You decide to ask me questions about me. I name off a few of the interests from your profile that I think I can tolerate talking about and wait for you to give me more info about you, a better look into your personal psychology. All the time I give you nothing for something.

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1 Response Mar 2, 2010

Its not quite so easy but nice try.