How To Stay Consistent With A Lie

The Situation: I am studying you. Back when I took that first look at your profile I decided you might be weak enough for me to get through to. Maybe you were a challenge. Some of you are. Some of you are just too easy.

My trick is writing a script on you that will give me 15 minutes worth of talking time. In that time I learn more data about you, making key notes on your specific script. I do not have to keep track of you. I can leave you alone and go back to you the next time it is convenient, or the next time I feel like playing. When it comes time for us to talk again I pull out your script. Once again I have thorough access to you and the knowledge I have about you just keeps growing.

Now, why would I want this data? Many reasons, one of them being to **** with your head.

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Mar 3, 2010