Cawlette Wutchawon't iii

...and like a runaway slave. I'm MASTERLESS after this. and blasphemous. DIDN'T ask for this. a PACIFIST with his *** to kiss with this PAST of his. JUST ask his kids. he can't relax for **** when there's cash to get and bills to pay. THEN. when JUST gettin past this **** MORE than just fills his day wit this 9 to 5. DYIN alive tryin to survive. DISGUISIN this high in his eyes with CLEAR EYES as he's dyin inside. STILL tryin to describe this OBSESSION. with tryin to lessen his progression into a direction of a desperate depression COMPRESSED in aggression within a confession ... JUST ... a sympathetic. INTROSPECTION of my im[PRO]fections that's got my kinfolk stressin BOUT me. and goin without sleep. speakin LOUDLY cause they flout me DEVOUTLY. as I PROUDLY get it out me before their doubts enshroud me under the CLOUDS of the southeast. feelin LOUSY...
26-30, M
Dec 4, 2010