She Writes

She Writes
she writes
but does that make her
a writer,
long introspective monologues…
conversations in her head…
the ramblings of a mad-woman …
debates with the dead…
poetical truisms..
life in four-part harmony…
quests to the outer edge
of her sanity…
she writes
but is hesitant to call herself
a writer…
it seems a little ostentatious
for someone who is unknown
and goes unnoticed and unread
but the words ripple through
her mind to the music of her soul
warming her aging heart
like a fire when its cold
feeding her flagging spirit
when the world
makes her feel obsolete and old…
so she writes
about life in all its complexities …
tales from the outer edge
of her hard-won sanity
introspective monologues
from the depths of her soul
warming little truisms
that suggest she’s getting old
and hopes one day her words
will touch the reader’s hearts and minds
then she will be a writer…
it’s only a matter of time…

EarthMaiden EarthMaiden
6 Responses Dec 31, 2010

Thank you so much. Appreciate your thoughts...

Fantastic! It takes a true writer to write something like this.

Thank you everyone who has read my work recently... I appreciate the support....

You ARE a writer.

Thank you....

absolutely beautiful! keep up the good work.. :)