A Born Writer

i love to write, in a journal, poems, even short stories.
i am not the typical looking writer or author, to be honest i am discriminated against most of the time because i fit the mould of a uneducated brown young woman, which is sad but real.
i have always tried to be intelligent in order to survive, and i have seen many jaws hit the floor reading my resume or blown away by my vocabulary.
my dream is to write novels based on my life, i always joke that my novels will be adapted to film haha.
i try to always stay ahead with my writing and try to write at least once a day, its a way to release emotions and it keeps me sane after all that ive been through, i started to read before i learnt to write, i guess i have to thank my mother for giving me her time to teach me. : )
LilyOfTahiti LilyOfTahiti
26-30, F
Nov 28, 2011