Escaping The Matrix

"The Matrix" was one of the most popular and thought-provoking movies of all time. I was captivated by the film's primary messages, wern't you?

Like the Matrix People, I sometimes get into deep trouble when I mistake what what I "perceive" for "reality".

I am a student of current world affairs. What most people do not realize is that prior to the release of this film, the CIA and NSA intelligence agencies were already using the term "the Matrix" to describe today's world.

Art truly does imitate life.

But, unlike the "alternate reality" that Neo must extricate himself from, in our "reality," there is no need for me, or you, to rebel.

My personal Matrix goal is be to transcend.  I want to be "be in this world, but not of it."


Be ye not of this world but set your minds on spiritual things, on things above. Can two walk together lest they be agreed?  ~Romans 12:2
RickRockwell RickRockwell
51-55, M
Mar 13, 2012