Anyone Remember This Term??

Loose Lips Sink Ships”! Have you ever heard that term before? Well, it was a phrase that was coined as a slogan during World War II as part of the war offices’ attempt to keep people from leaking vital information to the other side.
In other words, “unguarded talk may give useful information to the enemy”! Wow!!! Have you ever had a bite out of that apple? You didn’t take time to engage your brain before your tongue got loose? Words can do a lot of damage. They can kill relationships in one quick moment, sometimes, cutting people off for a lifetime. The Bible speaks of the tongue as an evil member, wicked and crafty. The things that proceed from our mouths are mighty enough to sink ships but I believe also that that power and that might that comes from our lips can also work in just the opposite way. It can be even more powerful than the negative aspect. You see, just as it can tear down, it can build up! What happens when you tell your wife for instance that the new dress that she’s wearing makes her look fat? It has been said by some and of course the results are far less than appealing to think about. What if, just for a minute, that same husband would stop, think a bit before proceeding into dangerous territory. . . . . .and then tell the wife how beautiful she looks and how lucky he is to have her for his wife! We all know the answer!
How amazing would it be to just apply that tiny little principle to all of our everyday lives? It certainly would be healing and uplifting and I’m sure that the ships in our lives would stay afloat a whole lot longer. Keeping our lips closed before we think first may be the best life preserver ever invented! Throw one today to someone you know who may be drowning. They just may thank you for it! *winks*
JLynn23 JLynn23
22-25, F
Mar 26, 2012