Ode To An Ep Member.

I guess I'm just jealous,
Of this fella's work.
I could go berserk,
Like a greek on a turk.

His composition,
Like a lyrical incision,
Like a phaser blaster,
From James T Kirk.

He just pumps so faster,
Than any master,
Of words and rhyme,
You want to compete, but you're outta time.

I guess im outta line,
There's no use in cryin'
Just obvious im dyin'
And there's no use tryin'.

This is my ode to you,
So outta the blue,
I dont know what to do,
Cos you're right on cue.

Im chasin your tail,
Guaranteed to fail,
Ain't no use to wail,
I should definately bail.
SDuWarriorInf SDuWarriorInf
36-40, M
May 7, 2012