One step toward me, and I retreat again. I can tell you’re serious this time, and someone needs to think clearly here. What is the value of a single moment? One embrace, a kiss… Is it worth losing everything else? And, still you venture closer, as I move away. I wonder if my heart is really in resisting at all anymore. Soon, it doesn’t matter as I find myself pressed against the fence. Behind me, nothing but a sheer drop – certainly to my doom. Before me, another drop and another kind of doom.

I could simply raise my hands and tell you to stop. I could turn around – no longer look into your eyes. I could even walk past you – I know if I tried to leave you wouldn’t stop me. But, I don’t. I stand there – frozen. By now, I am trembling, my mouth is so dry I can’t swallow the anxiety. Steadily, you walk. Steadily, my heart beats faster and harder. For a moment, I wonder if I’m unwell but, no, it is only the effect your presence has on me. It has always been this way – ever since we first met.

Until now, there has only been an unspoken, tenuous agreement to ignore the facts. Now, the pretense has dropped – who were we ever kidding anyway? The power you have over me, as inexorable as gravity. For now, I can hold my ground, but cannot move away. There is nothing I want more than for this unending dance to conclude. For better or worse, I will remain – the last wall will fall. I know I am yours… and, in knowing, realize that since there has been a “you”, any other assumption has been mere fantasy. Whatever you want, I am determined for you to have.

You are near enough now I can smell your scent – a light mix of shampoo and cologne, with just a hint of peppermint on your breath, and God I want to taste you. One more step and your outstretched hand grazes my shoulder, as if asking permission a last time. And, you never needed to take the last step because I move now and am where I have always longed to be – in your arms.
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2 Responses May 8, 2012

You are so sweet. Of course, you're more likely to smell garlic than cologne! ...but, since we're fantasizing, it must be as you wish. (how about just a tiny touch of some exotic perfume? Someplace where you had to hunt for it a bit...)

I've always loved those CCC built stone walls, but with you sitting atop one of those solid boundaries and behind you the awesome vista of alpenglow on eons of layered sandstone, pinks and oranges tremoring in the setting sun, I can almost feel you entwining yourself around me, into me.

That is so beautiful.