This Time

I’ve lost my inspiration – I simply cannot write decently anymore. I can’t find that place… It’s gone or I have forgotten the way – I don’t which scares me more. Maybe it’s just time to give up on it and find a new hobby. One without the expectation or desire for lyrical harmony and passion… where I can relax as my boring self and no one is surprised they’ve never heard me say anything clever.

I wish I knew what was wrong with me – but I feel like crying – I feel suffocated, bound, trapped. I think I might when it dies this time, it’s not coming back. That hurts more than anything else I could possibly imagine.
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3 Responses May 14, 2012

Hey...don't panic. It happens to everyone. The clog will clear. You must do other things, but writing is not about waiting for inspiration. You must write every day, even if most of it is pure crap. Sometimes the only way to get things going is to sit down and write. Write about your day as if it were someone else's day. Write about your feelings as if they don't belong to you. Don't try to make it "good". Just get words on the page, and you may just be able to pull something great out of it when you're done.

Sometimes when i write passionately for days i suddenly sink into this void blank that everything has no point.unfortunately one cannot triger inspiration like with a drink or whatever. U must wait for it. Watch a movey. Go for walk or drive with windows down. This can clear your mind and relax it. Maybe the mood comes back! I personaly have many hobies but yet many days just sleep all day to not think. Its realy hard to live withought my creativity. I hope u get a great brainstorm and the best writting experience ever.

I know the feeling you feel : ( Try to find anything. Look around your home. The first thing you set your eyes upon is you next story. Start out slow with this one. Keep doing this until you feel your passion return. It is still there. To much muck in the world just weighs us down and covers our abilities so we can't focus on our desires. It sometimes closes off our words and for many of us this is torment. I hope you find your way out of your cage soon. Be free, Blessings.