Kiss Me

The evening is warm, and smells of honeysuckle. There are great bushes of the stuff growing along a fence, just visible in the dying light. A gentle breeze stirs the grass causing it to sway and dance. Laying here on a thick blanket, I watch the night creatures begin to take flight. It is mesmerizing, watching the complex choreography and soon, I lose myself to their grace.

The night is so relaxing and peaceful, filled with various chirps and calls, my fellow revelers only just awakening. I find myself further lulled and smile lazily. The cacophony dims appreciably as a light emerges over a berm, swaying with your familiar gait. An anticipatory smile gracing my lips, I stretch my body, arms flung over my head, arching my back.

You find me in this position and I can barely see your grin as the lantern catches your face when you place it on the nearby granite. You lie beside me, resting on your elbow, looking into my face. By now, even with the lamp, it is hard to see you. Leaning closer, I smell mint from the gum you are always chewing... and then I can taste it.

That moment, when our lips first touch is always what consumes my thoughts. I crave you, and when I finally have you, it is intoxicating and I can never get enough. You kiss me deeply into the blanket, resting your hand on my stomach as I move mine to your shoulder. I reach up and lightly run my fingers over the soft curve of your neck as you move your hand just under the hem of my shirt.

I have waited so long, no longer do I simply lust for you. I hunger and I would devour you now, body, mind, and soul... Needing you so much, I wrap myself around you, pulling you completely onto me. The only thing I can hear now, is the drumming of my heart and you whispering, between breaths, that you love me.

Urgently, I pull at your clothes, and you mine... still kissing, rolling around, sometimes into the grass. For a second, I imagine how comical we must look, but I can't hold the thought... I need you. Finally, sufficiently naked... in that our clothes are a mess and only partly off, you move over me. Your hands on my wrists, holding my arms above my head, you kiss me.
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2 Responses May 22, 2012

So poetic and romantic thoughts; you have a poetic mood and a writer pen.<br />
Thanks for slowly and smoothly brought the old memories back to my mind. I smell the warm soft air of summer nights.

That lantern has served me so well over the years, but never has it guided me better than when it leads me to you. Now, though, it has done its work, and must give way to the Moon, which we both cherish so much. The warm breeze caresses us as I run my soft curly hair and beard between your breasts, stopping just for a little kiss, rolling each nipple between my lips. Then, still holding your hands above your head, I kiss you again, draped only in moonlight, your legs wrapped around me, we are but one life for a short while.

Your story brought back memories of sultry southern summer evenings, but mixed with the sounds from some exotic jungle.