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I had forgotten how much I used to love to write until I found this site!! For that reason alone I love EP, but there are many other reasons why i love this site. The gift of alllowing myself to express myself through the written word is a joyous gift and I have forwarded this site to MANY people, including one of my son's. He'll check out this site eventually and I feel blessed that it exists as I know that there will be problems that he will have to face that perhaps he would not want to even discuss with his friends let alone his parents. Since this site is anonymous he has the opportunity to speak his mind (oh Lord, watch with my luck, me responding to his words). Recently I wrote a small thing about children's rights (or lack there of) regarding a recent FACEBOOK situation for a small number of grade 8 students in the Toronto area ( Canada ) . These kids, or as I prefer to say, younger human beings, loss their trip to Montreal for saying something negative about one of their teachers. I don't even care really what they wrote. I am sick of our so-called progressive societies where we FAKE ourselves into believing that children have rights, well guess what, THEY DON'T!! I'm starting to get very sick about it as well. If 4-5 young human beings all complained about the SAME teacher on FACEBOOK, then why has no one even thought of checking out the behaviour of the teacher? Just because someone is in a place of authority by NO MEANS gives them a PASS with their behaviour, but this TYPE of situation seems to occur over and over again!! Why can a teacher berate a young human being infront of their peers and that seems to be OK, yet these same young human beings do not have the RIGHT to express their feelings it seems ANYWHERE anymore, without severe repurcussions (sp?).

I know Canada is not as well known as the U.S. as theland where fredoom of speech exists, but I naively believed that Canadians felt we had the same right, well it appears that we do NOT. I have thought ( I used to be a child advocate and counselor for 5 years ) of offering the EXACT SAME TRIP, that these  kids have been banned from, at the EXACT SAME TIME, so that JUST because they spoke their minds they understand that there are some people that would prefer them to do that, then to let their anger build over years and perhaps have a horrific expierence like Columbine or Virgina Tech.. or for us Canadians, The Montreal Massacre?

DEspite my thoughts about the trip, I would be very curious what other people think about this FACEBOOK incident. I know that many may TOTALLY disagree with me and I WELCOME your point of view as it may help me to crystalize mine. ANY and ALL comments, ideas and thoughts would be GREATLY appreciated!! Thanks.

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WELL DONE for both your sister and mom!! I am thrilled with what she did and how the other students followed her lead. I, too, emember having to take that course for the EXACT same reason, I never knew it was true. This only further's my point!! Children are lies to ALL the time, at least she didn't lose a school trip for her actions!!!!! YEAAAAAAAAAAAA and thanks!!

Speaking on kids' rights I want to tell you an incident I was PROUD of my sister on. The yr. she turned 16 she took summer Driver's Education classes at school, because we were all told it would lower insurance rates on kids who completed this coarse. At one of the sessions an insurance agent came to give a class lecture. He was questioned about these rate reductions. He tried to avoid answer, but the kids wouldn't give up until he answered: No it's not true that the insurance would drop. My sister stood up in front of class, grabbed her books, and politely told them she wouldn't be wasting anymore of her summer ( basically learning something the family would be teaching her on). ALL of the other students stood up, and left with her! The class teacher was screaming at her to get back in the room or she'd be in big trouble!! Sis went straight to a phone and called Mom at work to tell her what happened. The next call to Mom was the school wanting to discuss sister's behavior over incident. Mom backed sis' decission, and the school couldn't repremand her on a voluntary summer class, but showed much disapproval! I'm tired of schools thinking they are a Government all unto themselves!!