Why I Write, Why Do You Write?

When I write, I’m at home with myself.  Sometimes when I’m out in the world going through the motions of living, I feel like I’m schizophrenic, like I’m multiple people or that I need to be, to please those around me.  When I write, It’s like getting into my jammies and washing off make-up at the end of a long day, I feel like I almost find myself, like I know who I am.  When I write I become aware of my mind the way that I become aware of my body, when I undress before a mirror and see the transformation from person to human, I see how vulnerable I am. I almost sense the purpose to my existence.  Not much of a story though, I might not even be that good at writing, it just makes me feel human.  I would like to know why others write.

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2 Responses Jul 6, 2008

It's great to hear how others explain their passion for writing. From all the writers I know, professional and casual, it seems that people who write have a need to understand the world, and that writing lets you order and configure--decide what among the zillions of conversations and careless words thrown about during the day is memorable or unmemorable enough to be written on the page.<br />
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I used to write in my high school years, but rarely do so any longer. While writing lets me step into another realm of understanding, I felt that I had to take the Hemingway approach. Writing was supposed to be beautiful and profound. And so it became this ideal escape of generating chilling sentences. As I grew older, it seemed the more I wrote, the more I vampired from my day life, the more meta-conscious I became.<br />
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It'd be nice to get back to it. To come to terms that writing doesn't have to generate epiphanies, but can be that light other skin you slip into at the end of the day, when you sit down to finally understand what's what.

Idon't know why I write. Mostly poetry and I really really want to write a song and the Elctronic keyboard and my left hand wont talk to each other.<br />
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I do write may poems when I am down but I am never down. I have a great life. I never thorght of getting in PJ or naked before I write. Its hard to be creative and throw up at the same time.<br />
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Ok so it is an outlet form and I write music at work and words and get inspired in the street have to go home and put it on paper.<br />
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I love to write response poems to other peoples poems and thats fun. My famaly think its all crap but Ilike it.