Loveless Sense

Caressed by a loveless touch
slithering down my skin,
tapping intimidation,
to whom do i owe such an honor,
to whom do i owe such a gift,
for this loveless sense

His touch lingers on my body,
leaving all sensations in a craze,
mesmerizing moments leaving me left in a maze,

trapped inside this loveless sense
this game of moral corruption
yet here i lay with no defense
love would be an interruption

pity may, come so swift
to those who see this as not a gift

pity me, if you dare
pity me, if please

but this loveless sense caresses me
with uncontrollable ease

it is a gift not a curse
a blessing with no strings
for i can leave tomorrow
and not remember a thing
you wake up with the same man
doing the same old fling.

Lovelyserenity Lovelyserenity
18-21, F
Sep 16, 2012