A Shurt

i was shocked awake by a load beeping form some Short of lamer i reached my hand to turn it off. as i did i hand opened my eyes to see this was not my bed room this was. a room i don't remember failing to sleep in or how i got in to i sat up in fare. the room was one of the hole tells you stay in whine you cant drive. any more so you pull in so you don't rake your car form lake of sleep i quickly cheek to see if any other of my family was with me in the room my dad mom and brother no one no bags no singe that there was any one in the room with to before i wake up "i should see if the phone works" i said to my self it keeps me come to talk to my self makes thin less panic in my mind as i pike it up i could all ready tell there was no tone to it. so i looked to see it there was any thin else to help me a king James bible and a map i contend mack out the map it look like a ruff draft of the hole lay out with a message a tasted to the back of the map reading the fowling " who every has this map im sorry you're hear going thrower this but you need to get out take the bible and hold strong try finding some thin to use as a weapon your going to need it i hop to god you found this map and message it will show you the way out of this hell hole plz mack it out" this is a joke Right ??? will just to mack sure im fowling the crazy map maker astonishing i got a blanket for the bed and mead a said sadly and look for any weapons in the room ~end of the first part plz gave me feed mack so i know if i did bad ~
hiaru hiaru
22-25, F
Sep 19, 2012