Writing Is My Stress Relief

I use writing as my stress relief. I write poems according to how I fell especially when I'm upset about something. It's how I get stuff off my chest that I can't say out loud. It's easier for me to lay my feelings on paper then it is for me to speak them. Honestly I think that's How I get some of my best poetry. I love writing I always feel so much better when I get it out.
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2 Responses Jun 27, 2007

I totally agree. No matter if I'm simply writing my feelings down, or if I write an entire poem, when I set my pen aside it's like whatever was bothering me has been filed away for me to revisit later if I choose. I've been writing since high school, and there were many a time since that I don't think I would have made it if not for my writing.

Kindred spirit lets talk! I love to write too have since junior high. Not just poetry but short story stuff. I have a habit of writing "Episodes" for my favorit tv series too. But my absolute favorite theme are supernatural and vampire stuff