Whenever I Get the Chance

I love to write ... anywhere ... anytime ... I have even gone as far as to ask if anyone has a pen whilst being in a Queue.

Post it notes... receipts ... envelopes.

Crayons... charcoal ... anything.

When the mood strikes .... I like to write.

caroli9 caroli9
41-45, F
6 Responses Jul 20, 2007

HAhaha hehe ......... hehe haha <br />
Dont Apologize ... if only spell check was so nice : ) <br />
I am going to be laughing about that for days .... hehe

Really I should be apologizing. Spotting typos is impolite - I couldn't help it! Caroli9 - get this. True story. I knew a woman who was hopelessy in love with a college professor who taught English. She was much younger. She wrote him torrid, impassioned love letters, one after another. He never had the decency to write her back - but he did proofread, edit, and correct all her letters with a red pen before returning them! Some people!

Thankyou ElLagarto... sorry for my sloppy spelling ( Blushing )

"Whilst" - that was just lovely - certainly wouldn't hear that in the states. But as long as you're loving writing so much - wouldn't it be "queue?" You see - I love writing too. It's my business, my passion, and even my distraction - as is so easily witnessed by the amount of time I spend on EP. Ta

hehe One of the good habits to have ; )

The pen is definitely mightier than sword and legal!. That’s a good habit to have :)