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A long time friend just turned me onto a site called Scribophile.  I just wondered if anyone here on EP is posting there currently or has had the experience.

It sounds interesting.  You can't just post.  Posting costs "points" which you earn by critiquing the works of others.  It's a cool system because it ensures that everyone's work gets read and critiqued.  Sort of a forced participation, but in a constructive way.

And if you are interested in publishing your works later, you can set your posts to restricted so that only members of the Scribophile community can see them.  If they are viewable by everyone on the Internet, publishers consider that to be work that has already been published.

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What's the address of it?

I've never heard of that site before. Thanks for letting us know!<br />
And I'm glad you made that point at the end. About halfway through I was thinking about that but once I finished reading your post, there it was.