The Journey to Fate.
Sonny Garden a young black professional post intercity youth stares out the window of the limo and watches the steel of the city fade into scenery of fertile greenery in which he was not accustomed. He is dressed in the best his mother could afford; however, the clothing was tight and ill fighting. Dusty had only known of the intercity life. His paper bag skin glistens against the white collar shirt and black tie. His pants were tight as the pair was a hand me down from his cousin Leo. Leo had left the school but no explanation had been given. Dusty was a promising science student in development; the inner city schools would not be adequate in his development. In walks his Uncle John, Uncle presented the opportunity to attend a boarding school in the northern corner of the state. His mother and uncle discussed the opportunity briefly; both understood this was a golden opportunity for Dusty although his cousin had failed. Although he was not a natural uncle, it was clear he had the position of uncle’s and was a trusted adult within Sonny’s circle of adults. Sonny adjusted his glasses as read the brochure. The boys on the cover were in a uniform of shorts pants a blazer and white shirt with a tie. Across the cover in bold print was the words “Rearing young males for the positions in which the path of life takes them”. The music within the cabinet of the limo that transported him and his uncle was classical; it helped to reduce his fears. Although he was not of an athletic stature, his body development was extremely promising. For Sunny, Central Park was the closes he had experience of wide open space with trees, flowers, park inhabitants and rural living.. He sat silently in amazement wondering what lies ahead for him.
The atmosphere of silence and tranquility changed in the limo as Mr. 2T , Sonny’s traveling companion and new school master pressed the intercom . Mr. 2T is a well-dressed black American who rose above the status of poverty and disenfranchises citizen he was heir too.. The chauffeur booming voice hailed through the intercom “Yes Sir.” Mr. 2T speaks in a refined diction and voice to “AB” pull over on the side of the highway in a safe area. Turn off the motor. The driver immediately pulled the limo over as instructed and completed the task. Mr. 2TT orders the driver to get three limbs from the Weeping Willow trees. Mr. 2TT tells chauffeur AB to make sure they are sturdy limbs and to be quick as time and effort was in. The Chauffeur was dressed in a tight fitting leather suit; it showed his beautiful round globes as he bent over to choose the limbs. Chauffeur Ab was 5’8” in statue and his Asian skin that was exposed reflective the black leather in sharp contrast. His straight black hair was neatly cut as if he was a young boy. Chauffeur Ab returned what seemed like seconds with the limbs to the window of Mr. 2T; the limbs were long and leafy. Mr. 2T rolls the window down to inspect the limbs as chauffeur AB presented the tree limbs to the School master. A glance and nod is all the Chauffer needs to know that he had successfully retrieved the correct types of limbs as ordered by the Headmaster. Mr. 2T final instructions to the driver were that the driver was to continue the journey with the limbs laying across the driver’s lap the remainder of the journey. It was not until Sunny noticed the Chauffeur’s sad stare into Mr. 2T eyes that Sonny considered this part of the journey strange. Sonny quickly shrugged off the moment because he wanted to continue the trip to All Main Stream Academy.
The driver ran back to the limo; he started the engine. He pulled the car off the curb safely and continued the journey towards the school. The music continues but only as background noise. Mr. 2T then turns his attention to his new charge. So tell me Dusty how are you feeling. Dusty broke his stare out the window to answer the question. I am a little unsure Uncle T. Mr. 2T smiled at the young teen he just rescued from a prospective life of crime and self-hatred. Mr. 2T responded to the young man what are your fears? Dusty responded I hope I fit in. A large smile spread across the Headmaster face and his well-manicured hand reached across to the young boy’s leg to pat Sonny’s inter thigh reassuringly. Sunny felt warmed and protected by the familiar touch of his Uncle’s hand. Sunny move closer to lay his head in lap of the headmaster facing the man crotch.
Mr 2T pressed the intercom and the driver with a quiver in his voice responded. Mr. 2T speaks. Ab what is the speed limit. Chauffeur responded it is 55 on this road. Mr. 2T in turns asks “then why are we traveling at 45” Ab stutters and sob his reply; I did not want to exceed or shorten the journey. M2T not satisfied with the response barks through the intercom AB drive the limit. Are the branches still on your lap? Ab clearly crying replies Yes My Lord. Good replies the School master. Sonny clearly laughing and the disheveled Chauffeur would hear the soft laughter of the new student and known only to him as young T. Ab knew there was nothing he could do or wanted to do but to accept the fate he warranted by his behavior lately. This all bottom boy man had to be reminded he of his position in life.
Daddyleon Daddyleon
Aug 18, 2014