She's so easy to fall for
Yet so hard to get back up

I walked right, I did, yup

Now I'm head over heels and it's pain
I can't go back to my old self again
The only right I'm doin is write with a pen

She's too easy to fall for
and I guess we'll see if she catches me or if I land in the floor, hurts banks bedsn
HoldingOnToAir HoldingOnToAir
18-21, T
2 Responses Aug 19, 2014

This poem was inspired by the song "Oh Boy" by Boy

"Wait, so is band name Boy? Or are they boys? Or both?" You ask, slightly confused.
Well, yes that is the band name and no, they are females: Valeska Steiner & Sonja Glass
& you should listen to them :D

oh god *hurt heart again