A Bad Night, or a Thousand

Here's what you don't get:
I'm a ******* mess.
You'll tell me I'm beautiful,
I'll dedicate my life to proving you blind.

I'll cry my eyes out on the toilet seat
Talking to an imaginary therapist
I ******* talk to myself, man!
And then laugh at a joke from two years ago.

I'm obsessed with fallen angels,
pushed or slipped? Wingless.
Angry angels, angels undone,
guardians and protectors unravelled.

Been hating myself since I was eight.
It's kind of late now, don't ya think?
I sneer at those who love me.
I fear the day they wake up.

I could blame my parents,
Or the people who I thought were my friends.
Wouldn't make sense, now, would it?
Yours truly is rotten to the core.

So here I am, laughing,
Forever between a phoenix and a chicken.
You know why heroes aren't afraid to die?
Because they know they ain't worth ****.
CinnamonCat CinnamonCat
22-25, F
1 Response Aug 20, 2014

Good post!
I talk to myself too. Rewriting old conversations, thinking of conversations to come. And I do occasionally laugh at old jokes, remembered, at the drop of a hat; I think of it as cheap entertainment ;-)

Hey, sorry for replying so late, I must have missed the notification somehow...

Thank you! :)