Eyes as big as saucers and as green as emeralds, watch the passersby.
The old man as he takes his wife's hand strolling through the park.
A woman talking animatedly on the phone as her toddler chases the birds.
The man in a suit walking with fierce purposeful steps.
Teenage boys on skateboards, trying to out do each other for best fall it seems.
A young couple, more engrossed in their phones than with one another.
Look up she thinks, look at him, look at her. Life's too short.
But they don't.
A man peddling ice cream.
The woman jogging with music so loud you can hear it.
An overweight hooker with wild hair strutting her stuff.
And a shady looking individual who's trying so hard not to be noticed that's he stands out.

Her green eyes shine with wonder as she thinks. Each one of these characters has a story, and each one is different. And not one is any less interesting or important than the next.
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Very nice. :-)

Thank you. :)

Well done :)

thank you

Very nice, great imagery....thanks for posting :)

thank you! and thanks for reading :)