The purple flowers fell softly, floating down from the trees.
They covered the ground like snow.
The sun peeking through the branches as it began it's descent. Painting the sky with orange and pink.
The green grass soft under her feet, slowly covered in a purple blanket of flowers.
Her hands out stretched to feel the soft caress of the petals as they land.
The smell of the flowers strong in the air.
She closes her eyes as a smile hits her lips.
A beautiful moment, that's peaceful and calm.
A moment that reminds her of what it feels to love and be loved.
As the sun sets and the flowers rest, it's like the end of a chapter, with the beauty of a new one just beginning.
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1 Response Aug 28, 2014

This is beautiful hun.
Your truly an amazing writer :)

Aww. Thank you honey! :)

Your very welcome beautiful ;)